The Cooking Light staff is full of granola lovers, and every type is represented here: There are those of us who like to keep it loose and light, as well as an equal number who enjoy goop-y clusters. Those of us who fall in the former category (personally, I love to sprinkle loose oats over my Greek yogurt) have found a new favorite: Oat My Goodness Granola.

Available in three flavors—we tried the "Bad Monkey," with peanut butter, banana, and chocolate, and "Vintage," with cinnamon, nuts, raisins, and coconut, but there's also "Sunrise," with orange, coffee, and macadamia nuts—the brand is produced in small batches by a Maryland-based mother-daughter team.

We felt that the mixes really tasted fresh and kept their ingredient lists on the small side. Our tasting panel liked the buttery taste of the well-toasted oats (surprising, since the recipe uses olive oil instead of butter!) and the great crunch. The blends also boast a low sodium count, which we really liked.

$10 for an 8-oz. bag, available at