Healthy snacking is more popular than ever, but it's still not always easy to find a snack that crunches without having poor quality ingredients. That's why I was excited to discover these crunchy crisps. These crisps are raw, organic, gluten-free, and vegan. The minimal and simple ingredients (It's always a good sign when you can pronounce and define what you're consuming.) are extremely appealing—no artificial sweeteners and preservatives hiding behind an alias.

When I first tried this snack, I thought Nud was pronounced like "bud." But it's actually pronounced "nude." Scandalous snacking, I know.

I tried three different varieties and loved them all for different reasons. Each one includes banana, sesame seeds, and coconut, and then vary slightly with their additions.

Goji Chia Banana Crisps - The goji berries added a bit of chewiness that the others didn't have. Thanks to the goji berries and chia seeds, this one is bursting with antioxidants and fiber.

Spirulina Banana Crisps - Nud's best seller! This version turned into a superfood when spirulina was added. Like the others, it has all kinds of vitamins, healthy fats, and fiber.

Cacao Banana Crisps - My favorite of the three! Pure cocoa creates the kind of satisfaction that can only come from chocolate but one you can feel a-okay about.

The crisps are delicious on their own. However, none of the three are super sweet, so you could drizzle with raw honey or crumble for a yogurt topping. When I repurchase, I'll use them as a granola substitute and also dip in almond butter.

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The Munching Continued: