They're salty and scrumptious–what more do we need to say? Pretzels have long-since been a go-to snack for busy afternoons or stay-in movie nights. Kids, teens, and adults love them all the same, so it's only natural that on National Pretzel Day, we celebrate this beloved treat.

Problem: It’s tricky to take even a modest dip into a bag of some pretzels and stay within your daily sodium allotment. There are plenty of options that give you what you want in a good pretzel—crisp crunch and buttery saltiness—without raising the blood pressure, though. Cooking Light has done its fair share of pretzel-loving over the years, and we encourage you to use our snack mixes and preparation tips to enjoy this salty treat in the healthiest and yummiest ways possible.

  1. There is nothing better than a warm soft pretzel served with a side of mustard. This kid-friendly recipe would be great as an appetizer or an afternoon snack.

As with most sweet-and-salty treats, it's okay to indulge as long as moderation and portion control play a role. How will you celebrate National Pretzel Day?