Happy National Eggs Benedict day! Since its invention—the details of which are still up in the air—eggs Benedict has taken many forms, from the addition of vegetables like asparagus to the Creole shrimp-style eggs Benny of New Orleans.

In honor of this holiday we'd like to share with you our top-rated Eggs Benedict recipe: Vegetarian Benedicts with Thyme Sabayon.

The true star of eggs Benedict is hollandaise, and we would never tell you to skip it—it's what makes the dish divinely indulgent. It is, however, one of those things we encourage you to enjoy in moderation, like butter. In fact, the key to a great hollandaise is butter, according to James Peterson, whose cookbook Sauces, won one of our Cookbook awards. “Because the flavor of the hollandaise is subtle–only a bit of lemon is used–it is especially important to use the best butter available,” he says.

However you chose to celebrate, whether it's our own eggs Benedict waffle sandwich, big enough to satisfy The Rock, or a vintage, family recipe, we hope you enjoy it. And we'd love to hear: What's your favorite take on this classic?