If you’re anything like me, cooking goes hand-in-hand with clean-up. It never fails that as I’m making the world’s most delicious cake or whipping up one of my favorite Cooking Light chicken recipes, I clumsily drop the pan, spoon, or lid (or if we’re being honest–all of the above), inevitably making a huge mess. That’s where my adorable tea towels come in!

Traditionally used for the purpose of drying dishes and cutlery after washing or to keep tea and scones warm to serve to company, tea towels have a wide variety of everyday, functional uses. Luckily, designers and “kitchen fashionistas” like myself weren’t willing to settle for boring monochromatic cloths, giving us a world of options to choose from.

So whether your style is traditional and Southern or modern and eclectic, there’s a tea towel for every kitchen and culinary personality. (Some are even so cute, you’ll probably opt to showcase them hanging from your oven handle or next to the sink instead of using them for actual cleaning!) Below are a few of our favorite designs–which one would you choose for your home?

You Wash I'll Dry Tea Towel (, $13.65)

HotchPotch Chicken Tea Towel (TheSkinnyCardCompany, $10.91)

Lattice Tea Towel (, $25.00)

Happily Ever After Tea Towel (PrintingGrounds, $16)