These fun finds honor nature's sweetest treat--and the bees who make it.

By April Hardwick

GOLD DETAILS 22-karat honeycombs on elegantly slim porcelain plates ($58 and $53,

HONEY POT The silicone dipper makes adding a touch of honey to any dish a cinch ($28,

BEE SWEET Honey-kissed salted caramels in a cute candy shell ($29/9 pieces,

DON'T WORRY ... Mini magnetic reminder to think positive thoughts ($11/4 magnets,

HONEYCOMB VASES Golden glass so beautiful it's art even sans flowers ($360/set of 2,

STOP FOR A POP Honey and lavender lollipops that double as tea sweeteners ($7/3 pops,

LOCAL BUZZ Pure, unfiltered raw honey harvested from beehives in Seattle's urban Ballard neighborhood. Sales fund the revitalization and renewal of dwindling honeybee populations in urban areas ($12/12-ounce jar,