From Cooking Light classics to a fresh take on margaritas, here's what you pinned most in April.
Credit: Victor Protasio

We all know Pinterest is a great tool for finding—and saving—the best that the Internet has to offer. We at Cooking Light love Pinterest for finding new recipe ideas, but also because it offers us a window into what you are cooking and loving the most. These were the most popular recipes last month, according to you all.

The weather started to warm up for much of the country, and with warmer weather comes… warm weather cocktails! This cilantro margarita got pretty mixed reactions on our Facebook (follow us if you haven’t!) due to the polarizing nature of cilantro, but the Pinterest world was A-OK with the new take on a classic.

Credit: Photo: Colin Price

It’s no secret we love spaghetti squash, so it’s not surprising that this smart Greek Spaghetti Squash Toss was a fan-favorite. It’s a Cooking Light classic for a reason! We love this carb-cutting veggie that doesn’t taste like you’re missing anything. If you make this, take it to the next level by using this hack for long, luscious squash strands.

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Another classic got a lot of attention in April: our Seared Sea Bass With Citrus Salsa marries mild, meaty sea bass with a bright, acidic salsa for a 20-minute dish that’s as easy as it is delicious. We can see why you love this recipe: It’s beautiful for a dinner party, but speedy enough for a hectic Tuesday evening.

Meaty, vegetarian-friendly jackfruit is picking up speed as a plant-based alternative food for vegetarians and vegans. We called this trend months ago, and you agree: our Jackfruit Taquitos With Guacamole were a big hit last month. As a bonus, this is really two recipes for the price of one—included on this page is a guacamole that’s a perfect match for the tangy, crispy treats.

Credit: Oxmoor House

Finally, though we understand that this isn’t *necessarily* a recipe, we got back to basics this spring by finding the most common cooking mistakes (and how to fix them). There are 59 of them here, but never fear—the advice is solid.

Credit: Caitlin Bensel

And as a bonus, we’re predicting that May’s most popular recipe will be these amazingly beautiful scallops from our June issue. Check back next month to see if we were right, and follow us for daily meal inspiration.