Who doesn’t love a creamy dollop of ice cream smushed between two soft cookies? Even better, think back to the nostalgic days of rectangle ice cream sandwiches in your lunchroom cafeteria. Man, those days were good!

During the summer, ice cream sandwiches have been popping up everywhere. From cereal bar versions to brownie versions to our very own S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches, creative ideas just keep on coming. While certainly we are all able to indulge in these decadent treats from time to time, sometimes you really want just a bite.

So in an effort to help others enjoy the wonderful flavors and texture of an ice cream sandwich, I thought why not make mini versions of the summer’s most wanted dessert.

I tested a lot of combinations to find the perfect bite-sized sandwiches in the just-right portion that won’t throw your healthy lifestyle out of whack. And the winners are... (drumroll, please).

Heavenly Pistachio-Shortbread SandwichesThe salty-sweet combination is too good to pass up.1 ½ teaspoons of pistachio ice cream + 2 shortbread cookiesCAL 98; FAT 5g; SODIUM 78mg 

Coffee and Speculoos DelightsA European specialty!1 teaspoon of coffee ice cream +  2 Biscoff cookiesCAL 86; FAT 4.2g; SODIUM 74mg 

Strawberry-Pretzel BitesIf you’ve ever tried, and love Southern Living’s Strawberry-Pretzel Icebox Pie, then you’ll love these little bites.1 teaspoon of strawberry ice cream + 2 pretzel chipsCAL 27; FAT 0.3g; SODIUM 21mg 

Mini MintsThere’s really no denying this classic flavor combination.1 teaspoon of mint chocolate chip ice cream + 2 chocolate wafersCAL 59; FAT 2.1g; SODIUM 85mg 

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