If there’s any brand that’s synonymous with Passover, it’s Manischewitz (my dad’s yearly joke is that our ancestors dug their boxes of matzo ball soup mix out of the sand in Egypt). We drink a lot of wine and grape juice during the Passover seder—four glasses officially, and plenty more as the meal stretches into the evening. And if there’s any brand that dominates the grape juice market, it’s Welch’s.

Now the two have merged, debuting the first all-natural kosher for Passover grape juice and sparkling grape juice. This is no small commitment for Welch’s: keeping a big facility up to code with strict kosher laws isn’t easy, and so far no other brand has offered Passover-friendly juice that’s also preservative-free.

I’ll likely be stocking up on juice, along with every possible iteration of matzo and macaroon, this month.

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