Pack your bags and be ready to munch while chillingĀ out at the park, in the backyard or by the water. Everyone is sure to find something to please their palate with our make-ahead picnic menu.


Our simple (yet flavor packed) recipes are easy to wrap, stick in a cooler, and head out to summertime adventures. 

These easy to make (and to love) chicken salad sandwiches go light on the mayo thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt. 

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

For the veggie-lovers amongst you, this sandwich draws from season's fresh produce to make layers bursting with flavor. 

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Airy and light, macaroons are the perfect sweet treat to satisfy cravings without weighing you down. 

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

A classic combo, fresh strawberries and rhubarb come together for a drink to beat the heat. 

Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor