Fall has arrived, but we’re still waiting for the cold weather here in Alabama. We do love our fall beers, but drinking a heavy stout in the sun when it’s 80 degrees is never a great idea. We enjoyed these two beers for this should-be-chilly-but-still-warm time of year:

1. Sam Adams Octoberfest: Octoberfest is a go-to for many staffers because it’s a smooth, malty beer with a roasted, sweet flavor. The best thing about Octoberfest? You find it anywhere. Gas stations, grocery stores, you name it. You don’t have to trek to the craft beer store across town to track it down. Keeping pace with the craft beer industry, SA is now canning. The first thing I thought of? Great picnic beer! At 5.3%, you can drink more than one and not want to nap on the couch for the rest of the day.

2. Anchor Bigleaf Maple: We thought this red ale was pleasantly hoppy with malty maple notes. The maple is subtle, but lends a sweetness to the beer. This is an enjoyable Fall find for hop heads or someone looking for a seasonal that’s not super heavy.