We've done it! We've made it through another winter, and finally the signs of spring are starting to appear. The pansies in my window boxes somehow managed to weather a chilly winter, and the grass I've been dreading mowing since October is turning green once again. Inside my house, I'm swapping comforting soups and stews for fresh spring pastas and easy meatless dishes. I want things that look as cheerful as the spring makes me feel.

The same goes for the interior of my house. I've put away my wool blankets and have replaced them with some lighter cotton shawls, and I'm trading my heavy duty slow cooker for grill pans and a blender.

Want to add a touch of springtime bliss and wonder to your kitchen, too? I've rounded up an entire rainbow of kitchen accessories, gadgets, and tools that are just as beautiful as they are useful as we move toward spring and summer's lighter, brighter foods. Enjoy shopping!

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