As a newly-engaged bride-to-be I must admit that I have already given extensive thought to my registry. Sure, I may have chosen the china and silver and perhaps the fiancé has chosen a must-have electronic or two, but one thing I just cannot resolve is my—I mean, our—cookware. It’s the classic dilemma: Le Creuset vs. Staub. What is the modern young couple to do? First, I hit the blogs.

I found that Le Creuset seems to be the more popular choice. This would be hard to deny even after just a few seasons on the wedding circuit. Bridal showers abound with Le Creuset boxes with shiny, often brightly colored, bakeware within. But, being someone who is not necessarily concerned with what stocks the kitchens of my contemporaries as much as what stocks the kitchens of my favorite chefs (professional or domestic) I move on to the facts.

Both appear to be comparable. Le Creuset has a slightly higher price tag but stays within a $50 range of Staub.

The Basics:

• Staub is considerably heavier and has a dark, cast-iron enamel surface that is supposedly the secret weapon for browning and searing like the pros. In fact, Staub was created with the pros in mind so the high quality performance comes as no surprise.

• Likewise, Le Creuset’s ever-classic shiny enameled cast iron interiors are beloved by America’s favorite TV chef personalities. Its lighter materials require a bit less physical exertion—especially for a petite cook like myself.

• While braising or searing beware: Your Le Creuset cookware may start to show signs of wear eventually. I don’t view that as a bad thing necessarily, kind of like a worn in pair of leather boots.

• The lid of Staub’s products contain self-basting spikes that help drip juices back into the pot making moistness your last concern.

• Don’t fear the ouch-factor: Le Creuset’s handles take a long time to heat up.

• Both products are dishwasher safe but, hand washing is recommended.

    My Thoughts on the Cookware Conundrum:
    First of all, I think it is impossible to go wrong. But, if you are not averse to a little variety, take a few of both. I hear compromise is key when it comes to marriage so why not start in the kitchen, right?