I'm a confessed chip addict, I'll be the first to admit, but we see a lot of funky flavors passing through the tasting tables here at Cooking Light, which makes me skeptical. I was instantly intrigued, however, when I opened a box containing these Late July beauties. They take flavor inspiration from smoky, spicy, yummy items one might find at a taco truck.

We particularly loved the Bacon Habanero flavor. Testers found them to be the perfect blend of smoky and sweet with a nice heat level. "Like BBQ-flavored chips, but all grown up," remarked one taster.

A similar sentiment was echoed by a sampler of the Nacho Chipotle flavor: "It's like what I wish Doritos tasted like," he said. (After I smacked him for Doritos blasphemy, I dusted off my hands and went back for more.)

Personally, I plan to crack open a cold one (or two) this weekend and crunch my way to chip bliss. You can use Late July's store locator to try them for yourself.

And, while you're at it ...

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