Picture with me, if you will, a bag of crispy, salty Bugles. They're among the most nostalgic foods from my childhood, conjuring up memories of placing individual chips on each finger and biting them off one by one.

I've since given up my Bugles for healthier snacking options, but I still long for the crispy, salty goodness that can only come from a bag of those snacks. Then, one day a few months back, I tried Laiki Rice Crackers for the first time, and everything changed.

The texture and flavor is eerily reminiscent of my beloved Bugles but with only 3 ingredients: rice, oil, and salt. Laiki Rice Crackers are available as packs of Red Rice Crackers or Black Rice Crackers. I gave a few bags of these delicious snacks to my colleagues, and here's what they had to say.

"Satisfies my crunch cravings! I'm into these!"

"I love the crunch! They're nice and savory, too. Both flavors are nice, but the black rice has a grassy, wheaty aftertaste. Dig 'em both!"

"I prefer the red, but they're both yummy and crunchy. A little saltier than you'd think for just 80mg."

Laiki Crackers are available at their online store or at retail locations. One snack pack of either flavor has 100 calories, 4.5 g fat, 2g sat fat, and 80mg sodium.

They're made with whole-grain black and red rice; the sodium numbers are outstandingly low for a salty, savory chip, and they're quite filling. Put these in the winning snack column!

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