Given the limited space in our kitchen, I am always looking for tools that will do more than one job. This applies to appliances as well as simple utensils, like Kuhn Rikon's Tong Tools.

The set is actually three tools in one. When assembled (the end of one tool slips into the handle of the other) they function as tongs. Separately, they work as individual cooking utensils. Kuhn Rikon describes the tools as a fork and a spoon. The fork is a fork, but the "spoon" is too shallow to scoop any real liquid and is more like a narrow spatula.

Still, as tongs they're handy for sautéing vegetables in a non-stick wok or tossing a garden salad. Individually, the spatula/spoon was good at flipping an omelette and plating homemade pizza. The fork was great for scrambled eggs.

They're dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 425 degrees F, and okay for non-stick cookware. And separated they stack nicely in a drawer, which makes them an essential space saver in small kitchens.

Get yourself a set:; $14

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