Kollar Chocolates sent us a DIY Edible Chocolate Egg Painting Kit. Before I opened the box, panic and dread set in. A stream of childhood memories of oily food paint messes and bad chocolate flooded my mind. With skepticism, I sifted through the bubble wrap to find this neatly wrapped kit.

The Kollar Coloring Kit comes with three dark chocolate eggs, a paintbrush, and a palette of six various shades of cocoa butter. First of all, I loved that the eggs were dark chocolate. The color of the egg allows the paints to really pop!

And oh, the paints! As mentioned, I have attempted many edible painting sets, and this has to be one of my favorites. Simply heat the cocoa butters in the microwave for 10 seconds (I warmed them in a warm, shallow water bath), and see the solid blocks of color melt into edible paint.

I was expecting slippery, sliding oily paint that was hard to control and even harder to clean up, or the more unappetizing alternative of chalky, clunky paint that would never produce designs as beautiful as the kits said they would.

But, I was pleasantly surprised! The butters feel just like acrylic paint and glide on smoothly. The paints dry quickly and wash off the brush and towels with warm water, so cleanup is painless. At $25 per kit, this activity is made for a special afternoon of sunny crafting and fun for kids and adults.

Plus, who needs a Fabergé egg when you can put something delicious and handmade on display at brunch!