I choose to be fairly selective about my kitchens tools, both in my work kitchen as well as my home kitchen. I don’t have a lot of gadgets in my repertoire, but I have a few tools that I have come to appreciate. One tool I didn't necessarily seek out, but one that I have come to appreciate is a pair of kitchen scissors. I use the scissors for lots of things--cutting pizza into slices, cutting up herbs, opening packages, cutting flower stems, cutting through chicken bones, etc. You can use a chef’s knife for all of these uses, but there is one thing that kitchen scissors can help you with that a chef's knife cannot: cleaning. My favorite use for kitchen scissors is cutting/trimming raw meats in the store package.

Cutting in the package keeps me from placing raw meat on a cutting board and then having to clean it. It doesn't sound like much, but it keeps raw meats from accidentally spreading around the kitchen. It also significantly reduces the chance of cross-contamination. But not all scissors are created equal; scissors that separate and are dishwasher safe are the way to go. Kitchen scissors that do not separate will promote bacteria and cross-contamination.

Check out these two scissors I highly recommend:OXO's Kitchen & Herb ScissorsWilliams-Sonoma Titanium Kitchen Shears