Everyspring, I have the urge to buy asparagus by the armful. Invariably, Iend up buying more than I can use. Watching it wither in the fridgebreaks my heart every time. But recently I learned a few new tricks forextending the life of this lovely spring ingredient, which is best whenserved at peak freshness.

To store, simply place a wet papertowel over the ends and place in the refrigerator. To extend its life,cut or snap about 1/2 an inch from the bottom ends, place in acontainer standing upright in about an inch of water (like a bouquet!), and cover the whole thing loosely with plastic wrap.

I learnedthese tips from Food Editor Ann Taylor Pittman, who shares other greattips on choosing, storing, and preparing asparagus in this video. Check it out and enjoy one of the season's best foods!