It's no secret that every cook—no matter the level of expertise—should have a well-stocked spice cabinet—or a pantry, if you're anything like my family. My father and I are suckers for experimenting with spices. In our kitchen, we play with any and every flavor combo possible. Call it, we've tried it. For a house of seven, we rack up almost 90 small glasses of magical flavor boosters. (No regrets.)

However, for the sake of clearing a cluttered pantry, my mother would be much happier with a smaller space filled with fewer ready-made spices. And who can blame her? For the not-so-adventurous cooks, it's way easier to have pre-mixed herbs and spices at hand that you know will be good again and again. That's where Just Cook comes in. With just a few dashes of their all-natural (YAY!) spice combinations, cooking has never been easier, healthier, or more delicious.

Any Day ChickenThe name is extremely fitting for such a versatile seasoning. No more boring bird with sweet tones of citrus and a perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Taco Night: Ever thought of adding chocolate and cinnamon to your Taco Tuesday favorites? No? Well, this seasoning will change your mind. I will admit, when I first stuck my nose in the container, I cringed a little. The smell is strong and rich, but when cooked, the flavor is so deliciously subtle you'll happily welcome the surprising ingredients.

No. 19 SalmonSimilar to the Taco Night mix, this blend will provide any meat with a fiery kick. Taking on a deep red color, paprika and smoked chili powder are the stars in this spice.

Close to Curry: The flavor of this curry powder is not too strong, but it's also not too subtle. It's actually just perfect! With a slightly sweet touch, this spice would make a delicious addition to soups, stews, noodles, and stir-fries.

Gimme SteakAn unexpected, but welcomed, secret ingredient: Licorice. (Seriously, licorice!) A variety of peppers, citrus zest, and bold garlic undertones make this spice a really special addition to any meal featuring beef. Fire up the grill!

Herbed Coffee: At first, I thought there's no way this rub could taste good. I was completely, totally and utterly wrong. The ground coffee beans provide a crunchy texture that would compliment any beef or pork dish.

Try all the Just Cook Spices in a 6-pack for $45. Or mix and match individual containers ($8.50) to build your own spice cabinet.

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