This hack is about to seriously improve your baking game.  
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Jennifer Garner is the latest and greatest celebrity to dabble in the cooking world, with her adorable (and relatable) “#PretendCookingShow” videos on Instagram. She recently lived out her culinary dreams by getting in the kitchen with her cooking inspiration, Ina Garten, on a holiday episode of “Cook Like a Pro.” We’re always excited to learn about Garner’s lifestyle tips, whether it’s her go-to salad recipe or secret to youthful skin, and we were thrilled to discover her latest hack.

Garner posted an early morning baking venture yesterday, where she made Rose Beranbaum’s chocolate bread recipe from The Bread Bible. Garner set out all of the necessary ingredients and tools the night before to prep for a 5:30 a.m. baking session, but she forgot to do one thing—soften the butter!



Garner remained calm, cool, and collected as usual and reached for her cheese grater to solve the problem. She grated the remaining stick of butter (like you would a block of cheese) and tossed it right into the mixing bowl. While we had heard of this 10 minute butter softening hack, Garner’s hack is perfect for baking in a pinch.

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