Many people are pledging to live a healthier life starting the first of January by eating healthier, working in more fitness, getting rid of stress, or just trying to take care of your body better. Well, we want to help!

Our Start Your Year Off Light Program is a collection of health tips from staff and nutritionists aimed to give you the motivation and information you need to lead a more healthy life. This isn't about deprivation and unrealistic goals. Small changes can lead to big results year-round (and won't fade come February).

Check out our low-cal Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack ideas, as well as some really Simple Swaps that will save you 100 calories.

We also have 100 Healthy Tips for the New Year that will get you revved up and motivated to fulfill those New Year’s Resolutions. Here are my 5 favorite tips:

1. Follow the 2X2X2 Plan: Eat twice as often, eat half as much, and chew twice as long.

2. Lace Up First Thing in the Morning: Keep your workout shoes next to your bed. Lace them up before your feet touch the floor in the morning and get a move on.

3. Put Produce on Eye Level: To increase your fruit and veggie intake, don’t put them in a drawer in the refrigerator but rather on a shelf at eye level. The more you see them, the more likely you will be to grab for them.

4. Be the First to Order: When dining out, be the first one to order. You’ll be less likely to change your mind after hearing what others are having.

5. Sleep Routine: An hour of winding down before bed relaxes your mind and readies it for sleep. Adults, like youngsters, benefit from a routine: Go to bed at around the same time, take a warm shower or bath, and turn off bright lights and screens.

Beginning January 1, check in daily at our 31 Days of Light calendar for a new healthy tip to help you reach your goals.