When you are trying to eat healthier and make better decisions in the grocery store, you can find yourself buying the same products week after week. Who has time to read every nutrition label in the grocery store? Without a healthy variety of foods, you can associate eating healthy with boring eating, and it can become hard to stick to.

However, I recently discovered a new app that will help you to mix it up and add some joy to finding new and exciting options. Ingredient 1 is a free app for the iPhone that allows you to search products based on your personalized diet. You can enter in any diet restrictions or allergies, ingredient preferences, industry certifications, or other criteria that are important to you.

You can search the database in multiple ways. A standard search feature allows you to browse by food names or keywords, like peanut butter. You can also use the app’s “explore” feature to search in a more abstract way--by texture or time of day, for example.

The app also has a fun social media aspect to it. You can easily save, share, and fave the foods you find. Seeing what other people are responding to and what foods are trending is another great way to find products that you may not have initially considered. The Friends menu of the app allows you to connect with people you know and share products. You can easily view what things they have favorited and check them out for yourself.

With other features including selecting your favorite grocery stores and saving shopping lists, I've found that Ingredient 1 is a great tool for finding healthy products that you will enjoy. Check out their website, for more information. I hope that you will find this app as fun and helpful as I have.

What other fun food apps have you discovered recently? Tell us about them below.

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