Quickly gaining popularity, and shelf space at your local grocery store, savory jams are here to stay. Salty, sometimes smoky or tangy, and always delicious, these new spreads deserve a spot in your kitchen. Learn how to use up your next jar from our list of six delicious ways to cook with savory jam.

Savory jam may seem like an oxymoron, but for us it's a secret to adding a pop of flavor to many dishes. Lower in sugar than traditional jams, and usually created with wholesome vegetable or fruit bases, savory jam is a smart choice for those choosing to eat healthy. They're easy to make, simple to incorporate into meals, and many recipes last for weeks in the fridge.

It might not always be obvious how these tangy, spicy, or herb-y spreads can be used, so here's a list of our favorite ways to cook with savory jams:


One of the simplest  (and most obvious) ways to use savory jams is to spread it on a sandwich. It can help in cutting higher calorie condiments like mayonnaise and adding a real burst of flavor. Some fun combinations ideas include onion jam on burgers, raspberry jam with turkey sandwiches, and tomato jam spread onto grilled cheeses.


Jam is often associated with breakfast time anyway, so embrace your savory creation as a way to start the day. Savory jams work well on hearty whole grain toast or bagels, especially with a dab of cream cheese. Or go with a more elaborate brunch recipe like Savory Chickpea Waffles or Pear and Bacon Whole-Grain French Toast, topping each with a dab of your favorite jam.


Main dishes can benefit from a dollop of savory jam. Add a spoonful to glazes for dishes like baked chicken or pork tenderloin. Or go a step further and use some to stuff the entrée, like with our Cheesy Chicken Cutlets with Ham and Jam.


The blank canvas of pasta takes beautifully to savory jam. Toss plain pasta with a few spoonfuls of tomato or onion jam along with a dash of olive oil and white wine vinegar, and you've got a homemade sauce in no time. If you already have store-bought tomato sauce and want to jazz it up a bit, the addition of tomato jam or red pepper jam adds an extra depth of flavor.


Invited to a last minute party? Or have unexpected guests headed over? Savory jam is here to save the day. Spread a small dish with cream cheese and top with a thin layer of savory jam. Voila! You have dip. Serve with crackers or chips, depending on which works best with your jam's flavor. A small jar of savory jam also makes a great addition to cheese boards

Pizza Base

Change up your regular pizza routine by switching sauces. Instead of a traditional marinara or white sauce base, try using savory jam. A thin smear of jam will result in a big pop of flavor. If you're a fan of a lot of sauce, slightly thin the jam with a little olive oil before spreading on the crust. That way you have a good amount of sauce without an overpowering flavor.