Not long ago I came across the seemingly difficult task of measuring egg whites. In my mind, egg whites were always measured by the egg: 1 large egg white, 2 large egg whites, etc... The recipe I was testing called for 1 tablespoon egg white, and it was proving difficult to convince the evasive albumin into my spoon. After several minutes of attempting to cajole the egg whites, I stopped. It almost seemed like a practical joke, how the egg white would just slink out of your measuring spoon. So I just had to ask someone for help.

Fortunately I had the developer of the recipe just a few feet away. Apparently, to measure out egg whites, you have to whisk them first. Breaking them up is the only way to separate the whites out enough to measure them. Whisk too much and you'll start to froth the, so just a quick hit with a fork or whisk will do the job. Maybe this is common sense, but it was news to me.

Also, you should totally make the Chocolate Tacos with Ice Cream and Peanuts. It received our highest rating in the magazine and was a Staff Rave in May. It also calls for 1 tablespoon egg whites, which is key to getting the right texture in the shells.