Baking fish in banana leaves keeps it incredibly moist and adds a subtle fragrance. Our simple steps deliver seafood perfection.
Credit: Victor Protasio

Banana leaves are often used for grilled fish since the leaf wrapping protects the delicate fillets from harsh, dry heat. But it also works wonders in a hot oven, and the charred citrus infuses the fish with lightly grilled flavor. You can find fresh or frozen banana leaves at Asian and Latin markets. Here's how to approach this technique.

Step 1: Prepare Leaves

Credit: Victor Protasio

Thaw leaves if frozen. Trim away any discolored or wilted portions from banana leaves. If your leaves are not already preportioned, cut into 12-inch square or round pieces.

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Step 2: Add Moisture

Credit: Victor Protasio

The packets aren't tightly sealed, so adding wine or broth as you would with a foil or parchment packet won't work here. Instead, the citrus slices give off juice that will steam while the fish roasts.

Step 3: Wrap Up

Credit: Victor Protasio

With the seasoned fish fillet set on top of the citrus slices, wrap opposite sides of the leaf over fish; wrap the remaining sides toward the center. Flip packet; the weight of the fish will hold folds in place.