We guarantee you'll actually enjoy making dinner tonight with these tips.

I'm not going to lie — I really love cooking. To me it's a way of expression, relaxation, and creativity. I get excited when I purchase a new kitchen gadget, try a new recipe, or even have a full day to just experiment with ingredients. It's so much more than just getting food on the table. But of course, I understand that doesn't necessarily strike a chord with everyone.

A recent Harvard Business Review story reported only 10 percent of Americans actually love cooking, and honestly I wasn't really surprised. It's not super common to truly love spending hours slaving over a hot stove, but unfortunately you can't really avoid cooking. Home cooking is essential to eating smarter, especially if you're looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

I questioned a staff full of people (who really love to cook!) on what their best tips are to inspire those of you who aren't so fond of getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. Read on, get out there, and fall in love with cooking. 

Play Your Favorite Tunes 

Whether you can sing along to your favorite oldies while dicing onions, or tune into a new Podcast as you peel potatoes, there are endless listen-while-you-cook possibilities.  

Add a Reward

If a glass of wine or bottle of ice cold beer is on your to-drink list tonight, try sipping while you cook. Make a deal that you can't have your treat until you cook dinner, and it definitely helps get you through meal prep. 

Make It an Event 

Cooking doesn't need to be a solo activity, but can be fun for everyone. Enlist your kids, significant other, friends, and anyone else to spend time in the kitchen cooking the meal together. You can also simply invite people over to enjoy the dinner with you. You're more inclined to whip something nice up for company, and you can ask others to bring pieces of the meal so there's less pressure on you. 

Get Inspired

Sometimes just buying yourself a brand new kitchen gadget or cookbook is enough to inspire a new meal. It's enticing to try a fresh recipe with never-before-tasted ingredients or when you use an immersion blender for the first time. You can also find copycat recipes from your favorite restaurants online to help inspire a desire to make something you know is a winner. 

Take Shortcuts 

Nobody ever said cooking had to be hard. If you get zero joy out of slicing and dicing, opt for pre-cut or frozen veggies, pre-cooked grains, and pre-made sauces from the supermarket for a quick dinner. Sure, you didn't make it 100 percent from scratch, but if it gets you in the kitchen it's definitely a win. We won't tell.