Honey is still a big buzzword in food and drink trends, and this tasty drink gives a nod to that sweet nectar.

We sampled two varieties from Honeydrop, the Lemon Cayenne Cleanse, with raw local honey, and the Apple Ginger Lemon Daily Immunity, which uses raw manuka honey.

What we thought: The honey trend meets the Master Cleanse trend in this kicky cleanse drink. The manufacturer states that the drink's detoxifying effect comes from the use of raw, local honey that remains unheated (important for helping to alleviate allergies). They add lemon and cayenne pepper, which adds a spiciness that tasters found intriguing. As for the products ability to provide any sort of "cleansing" powers, we cannot attest, but we liked the taste.

The Apple Ginger Lemon was strong on the apple component of its name, in a cider-y way. It contains manuka honey from New Zealand, which is prized in particular for its antibacterial qualities. This one would be good if you were feeling a little under the weather (we'll look the other way if you wanna add a little whiskey, friend).

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