When it comes to gluten-free bread products… I’m a bit of a skeptic.  Wheat and I still maintain a good relationship, and I’m not planning to eliminate it from my diet anytime soon.  Gluten-free products are popping up in every grocery aisle, which makes me want to scrutinize these products just that much more.  Here’s where I focus my attention: ingredient quantity and quality.  I’m looking for whole grains and legible ingredients.

If these two components pass the test, then it’s on to the taste-testing gauntlet for approval.  Many gluten-free products go in for tasting… very few come out with a win. With gluten-free bread, you’re not comparing apples to apples.  Bread becomes an entirely new species without wheat. Gluten gives bread structure and elasticity, making it soft and fluffy… the components we look for in good bread.  I don’t care how trendy it is… just because it’s gluten-free does not mean it will taste good, and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

In comes Canyon Bakehouse breads.  A line of 100% whole-grain, gluten-free products, dreamt up by Christi Skow, an actual celiac patient from Loveland, Colorado.

We tried the 7-grain, Cinnamon Raisin, and the Hamburger buns.  As expected from a gluten-free bread, they don’t look like wheat bread.  While a bit dense in texture, these breads still keep a nice fluffy interior.  The 7-grain has a delightfully nutty flavor, a hint of sweet, and a surprising crunch from the whole quinoa and amaranth grains.  It’s good.  And it’s good for you.  No bitter aftertaste either. These are game-changers in gluten-free world.  Here are the stats:

7-Grain Bread:  90 calories, 100 mg sodium, 2 grams fiber

Cinamon Raisin:  90 calories, 85 mg sodium, 2 grams fiber

Hamburger Buns:  200 calories, 300mg sodium, 4 grams fiber.

Also available:  Multi-Grain Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Whole Grain White, and Caraway.  Find them in most Whole Foods, or order online at