I've long been a fan of basic Greek yogurt. From baked goods to simple snacks, the creamy, thick, and tangy yogurt is very versatile. But lately, I've been kind of bored. Actually, very bored. I've almost stopped eating yogurt entirely because I was much happier eating whole-grain cheddar crackers or a hard-boiled egg with a bit of smoked salt.

Still, I know that I need more calcium in my daily diet, and for the price, a large container of yogurt is just about as budget-friendly as snacks can be. So I went on a yogurt topping brainstorming spree. I have six new favorites, and I want to share them with you for your snacking enjoyment.

Fresh fruit is always a wonderful option with yogurt, but I stuck with pantry and fridge staples in case you find yourself wanting a yogurt topper and don't have anything fresh to use.

Start with: 1/2 cup of fat-free Greek yogurt, such as FAGE Total 0% (65 calories). If I'm only adding one low- or no-fat topping, such as honey or maple syrup, I'll eat 2% Greek yogurt (85 calories) because I can afford the calories and fat and want more of those great fat-soluble vitamins.