By Kate Malin

When Vicky Allard discovered a bounty of wild blackberries growing on her Vermont farm, she did what any third-generation preserve maker would do and turned them into delicious jam. An enterprising friend delivered a jar to a local grocer, who promptly placed an order for more. Blake Hill Preserves was born soon after. Run by Vicky, her husband Joe, and a small team of helpers, Blake Hill Preserves makes chutneys, marmalades, preserves and conserves with fruit most often sourced from within 40 miles of their farm, or even from Vicky’s own back yard, when the bears don’t get there first.

Raspberry & Hibiscus Preserve is a fragrant blend of raspberries, cane sugar, lemon juice and organic hibiscus petals. To allow the flavor of the ripe raspberries to shine, this preserve is very lightly cooked, and made with more fruit and less sugar than typical jams. No commercial pectin, citric acid, or juice concentrate is ever added to any of Blake Hill Preserves offerings. Vicky recommends this unique jam spread on a freshly baked scone.

Raspberry & Hibiscus Preserve is available at and in stores nationwide. Blake Hill Preserves is part of the Good Food Awards, a project to honor food and drink producers making the sort of food we all want to eat – tasty, authentic and responsible and a proud member of the Good Food Merchants Guild, uniting American craft food businesses that share those values.


From her grassroots work at the Good Food Awards to her continued education at NYU’s Food Studies Master’s Program, Kate Malin brings an unparalleled passion for great food and good people.More Food Finds: