I've crunched ice for as long as I can remember -- long after my dentists have asked me politely to stop, I should add. I like peanuts, potato chips, tortilla chips. I like things that snap, crackle, and pop when you bite into them. Crunchy things make eating fun.

I had to test Kashi's Hummus Crisps when they arrived in the mail to see if they could satisfy my crunch craving. I worried they would be the thing of nightmares: puffy, stale, flavorless throwbacks to diets filled with race cakes and water? No, instead, these little round crunchy chips are a delightfully playful take on the classic potato chip. Actually, I'd call them a hybrid -- they're neither chip, not cracker. They're crisps. Crunchy and thick like a pita chip but crispy and delicate like the best potato chip.

My favorite is the caramelized onion crisps. They're deeply flavorful for something so small. Roasted, tangy, slightly sweet, with a hint of spicy heat. You can get 27 crisps in one 120-calorie serving. Compare that to traditional potato chips, which have 15 chips in one 160-calorie serving. Also, hummus crisps have 4 grams of fiber and 3g of protein in one serving, thanks to the hearty amount of chickpeas used to make the crisps (chickpeas are first on the ingredient list).

They're yummy on their own or would be great with a creamy, cool dip for entertaining. Have you found any good healthy-snacking options recently? We'd love to hear about them!