Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish Crackers Made with Whole Grain are a classic snack when you're looking for a little bite to get you by. We even named them a runner-up in our Best Cheese Cracker Taste Test last year. Now, Pepperidge Farm has stepped up their game -- or maybe more correctly, puffed it up.

Their new Goldfish Baked Puffs are tasty treats. Bonus: They're gluten-free (which is hidden on the back), and they're whole grain! The first ingredient is whole grain yellow corn meal. They don't call out that healthy fact sadly, but a quick glimpse at the ingredient list tells you the good news.

Now sure, they may be age appropriate to the under-10 crowd, but don't be surprised when I pull out my snack bag and munch on a few during games or at my desk. Their Mega Cheese flavor is my favorite. Classic, salty, cheesy goodness. One serving is 41 pieces, and it has only 140 calories, 6g fat (0.5g sat fat), and 280mg sodium. Can't beat that!

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