A ZIPPY, OFF-DRY WHITEFrom chops to tenderloin, the light saltiness of pork coated with a sweet and mustardy glaze will be gracefully accentuated by a white with bright fruit and mouthwatering acidity. Try a riesling from Germany. Some of the world's best, these whites' vibrant acidic zing and hint of sweetness will exuberantly highlight roasted pork's complex flavors.Dr. Loosen, Dr. L Riesling, Germany, 2013 ($12)

A BRIGHT, FRUITY REDThe ripe, juicy fruit flavors of a light red will both contrast and complement the spice and saline tang of a glazed roast. Try American pinot noir—delicate, fruit-forward wines bursting with succulent berry notes are ideal matches for salty-sweet pork. Soft tannins provide a gentle finish paired with the delicate meat.Underwood Pinot Noir, Union Wine Company, Oregon, 2013 ($12)

OOPS! Stay away from gamy, herbaceous, or heavy tannic reds such as cabernet sauvignon or tempranillo. These will overwhelm subtle flavors. —Jordan Mackay