I could easily live off the snack aisle in the grocery store. It’s not always the best option, so when I’m craving that crunch I try to reach for the healthier option. When these Gimme Chips landed in my lap I was more than willing to give them a try.

I’m happy to report that I am a fan! The Sriracha flavor was by far a favorite for me and a few friends that stopped by my cubicle. The sea salt took the backseat for a while until I tried dipping them in guacamole. They’re not exactly strong enough to hold a huge dollop of dip, but they’re tasty enough that I’m willing to put in a little extra work. The only downside we saw was every now and then you’ll get a strong fishy taste, but that can be expected when you’re choosing to munch on seaweed rice chips. My advice would be to save these for a night when you won’t be locking lips with anyone.

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