Atascadero, California, is about 6,000 miles from Italy's Apline Foothills, but you'd never guess it from Alle-Pia salami. In a slice of the American heritage pork, you might recognize sunny Californian flavors—the zing of zinfandel from the vineyards of neighboring Paso Robles or the slow burn of garlic grown in nearby Gilroy. But like a true Northern Italian sopressa, Alle-Pia salami is softer and fresher than that of other American artisans.

Instead of quick-curing it at high heat, chef/owner Antonio Varia opts for the traditional Italian method: slow-curing for four months. All ingredients are sourced locally but for two Italian imports: "The truffles and Barolo wine come from near my family's farm in Piedmont," he says proudly. - by Alison Bing