Here at Cooking Light, we believe that a diet won't work if you deprive yourself of your favorite foods. That probably doesn't mean that chocolate should become your main food group – it simply implies that when consumed in moderation, even the most indulgent treats won't send your healthy lifestyle into a downward spiral.

For wine lovers like myself, that's a huge relief. There aren't many things more satisfying than enjoying my favorite red with an Italian-inspired pasta dish or curling up on the couch to watch a movie with friends while sipping on a glass of sweet white.

So as you partake of your favorite vino, why not enjoy it in a fun or flirty wine glass? We've rounded up a few of our favorites, ranging from hand-crafted pieces of art to clever "measuring cups" for simultaneous cooking and drinking. Cheers!

Mikasa Swirl Goblet ($19, Macy's)

Four Seasons Wine Glasses, Set of 4 and Decanter ($110.00, Mary Elizabeth Arts)

Rednek Wine Glass ($15.99, Bass Pro Shops)

River Rocks Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4 ($99.00, Woodeye Studios)

Sauced Wine Glass/Measuring Cup ($17.95, Gadgets and Gear)