The best Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed I ever made happened to be the first one I attempted. I was seven years old, and—beginner’s luck—made the most perfect from-scratch biscuits I’ve ever made in my life. Or maybe that’s just the way I remember it … but I swear they were tall and fluffy and melted in your mouth. And I couldn’t believe they were made by my hands, that following the directions on a bag of flour (with intent and determination and love) would actually produce something edible. Well, better than edible. My mom no doubt had practiced her Ooos and Aaahs, had her most convincing smile perfected by the time I knocked on the door with her “surprise” breakfast. But when her eyes went wide and then narrowed as she savored her first bite, I knew I had succeeded. You could almost see the “Wow! This is actually good!” thought bubble sprout from her head. Those biscuits are the first thing I remember cooking on my own. And they taught me a beautiful lesson about the power of a simple gesture, about the power of food. We express our love in many ways, and almost none is more beautiful than putting your heart and your hands into the preparation of food, of sharing a feast or a morsel with someone you love.

What do you remember making for your mom on Mother’s Day? Share your stories of baking triumphs or hilarious kitchen disasters. And try our Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, maybe even for you own mother this Sunday. Or pass the recipe along to your kids and let them surprise you with breakfast in bed this Sunday.