The savings in calories, fat, and sodium are game-changing.
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Whether you're a passionate fan or you're just there for the halftime show, eating healthy during the Super Bowl can be a challenge. Classic football appetizers such as cheesy nachos and deep-fried wings are undoubtedly delicious, but they're often loaded with calories, saturated fat, and sodium. 

Luckily, there's a healthier way to indulge during the annual event. 

To help you enjoy every decadent bite this Super Bowl Sunday without a single ounce of guilt, we've lightened up your favorite party apps from sliders to nachos to ranch dip. You'll even find a creamy Jalapeño Popper Bean Dip that clocks in under 100 calories. You're welcome.

So, when it comes to healthier Super Bowl food that tastes just as delicious as the calorie-laden classics, we've got you covered. No one will even notice they're light. Go team!

Salt-and-Vinegar Boneless "Wings"

Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree

Wings are a Super Bowl staple, but often times they're slathered in messy, sodium- and calorie-laden sauces. We've spun this much-loved grub into a healthier—and fuss-free snack—by trading bone-in wings for boneless chicken breasts and baking instead of deep frying the meat. Soaking the chicken in buttermilk keeps the meat moist, and the cornflake breading cooks up crispy in the oven. Serve the "wings" right away with a simple dip of mayo and fresh dill.

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Sheet Pan Beef and Black Bean Nachos

Credit: Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Missie Neville Crawford

There are plenty of ways to make healthier nachos, but this recipe is a real game changer. Load up the nachos on a baking sheet, then bring them straight to your guests for easy serving and a great presentation. You can use pinto beans instead of black beans and shredded rotisserie chicken instead of ground beef. The creamy cheese sauce coats each chip and makes them easier to separate from the pack. The topping potential is endless: Try adding diced avocado, sliced jalapeño for the hotheads in your family, or chopped bell pepper.

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Pesto Yogurt Dip

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Most Super Bowl snacks veer on cheesy and creamy, so it's nice to serve something a little on the lighter side. This tangy Greek yogurt dip does just the trick. Think of it as a healthier version of classic Ranch dip. You can prep pretty much everything ahead of the game—make the dip in the morning and add in the chopped chives just before serving. You also slice up the veggie dippers in advance—we love a mix of carrots, radishes, cucumbers, little gem lettuce leaves, and mini bell peppers. 

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Turkey Sliders with Crunchy Green Apple Slaw

Credit: Photo: Victor Protasio

Sliders are always a hit at Super Bowl parties, but their small size makes it far too easy to overindulge without thinking. And when topped with cheese, bacon, and mayo, they can deliver quite the calorie blow. Our healthier sliders boast ground turkey and a creamy, crunchy slaw. Poblano chiles have a mild to medium heat that gives the sliders their oomph, but you can use sweet bell pepper. You can quick-pickle the cucumber slices the night before for extra zing: Microwave 1 cup rice vinegar, 3/4 cup water, and 1 tablespoon sugar at HIGH; pour over cucumber slices, and refrigerate overnight.

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Jalapeño Popper Bean Dip

Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree

We've reimagined the classic cheese-stuffed spicy snacks into a creamy dip that's much lower in calories, sodium, and saturated fat. With less than 100 calories per 1/3 cup serving, it's just to be an instant crowd pleaser. Serve with tortilla chips, crudités, and mini sweet peppers. 

You've got the food menu settled—what are you drinking? We love craft beer, but when some varieties can run as high as  250 calories, slinging back several suddenly feels daunting. Choose a low-calorie beer or stick with wine, which has around 125 calories per 5-ounce pour. There's also plenty of healthier cocktails you can make for a boozy fix that won't stretch your waistline.