So you can be a FOODIE or a FOOD SNOB, which am I? Hmmm, I think my husband would say neither (he is a bit of both), and I reject a lot of those FOODIE and FOOD SNOB characteristics on a regular basis. I don’t want to pick every meal I eat apart and try to either A – guess what is in the dish or how it was made or B – place some edict of how the chef went wrong or try to guess the kitchen drama that led to the disaster on my plate.

I have worked in some professional, fast-paced kitchens and stood, sweating, slightly scared of what was about to come across the order board (mostly in volume because it is well known that the menu is not a “suggestion”, it merely IS). Nevertheless my idea of a good meal is never the same. Sometimes it is a hard working, small town effort that results in something so fattening I won’t ever eat it again, but for that day, it’s fabulous. Other days it could be an upidy restaurant in a big city that’s décor and clever menu pairings ignite my own imagination and give me dreams of opening my own fantastic bistro (which I have no plans for). I am not particularly driven by reputations and really not interested in hype (which is also why I never saw Forrest Gump OR Jurassic Park in theaters). Lastly, I am not afraid or hot dogs or chicken fingers and have many times deferred to these old stand-bys to avoid getting something I know will be bad. So that’s me, all the way through actually… not just the palate.

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