Each Friday, we share five things that are getting buzz around the Cooking Light offices—from what we’re reading around the Web, to what’s hot on Instagram, or even our latest favorite ingredient.I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a clever gadget. My Pinterest boards are littered with all manner of colorful, silly, and, admittedly, occasionally impractical items. But where’s the fun in life if you can’t choose terrifically quirky kitchen utensils to liven up your cooking?

Here are five of our favorite cool and clever kitchen gadgets from around the web:

1) "I Could Eat A Horse" Spaghetti Measure (Reykjavik Corner Store): Only have a child’s appetite? Or do you feel like you could eat a horse? This fun measuring tool lends a clever visual to preparing pasta.

2) Animal House Monkey Peeler (Boston Warehouse): BW’s Animal House line has so many animal-themed kitchen tools, but we went bananas for this Monkey Peeler. Fun to use, and practical, too!BW is offering 10% off to CL Readers! Use the code COOKCL during checkout.

3) Batter Up Spatula (Fred & Friends): Hey, batter, batter! This spatula combines our love of food with our love of puns. Your next batch of Fudgy Brownies won't stand a chance.

4) Karate Chopper (GAMA-GO): Feel like a black belt while making a salad with this vibrant green tool (and it gives you another reason to buy fresh heads of lettuce!). Hi-yah!

Photo: GAMA-GO

5) Fairy Wand Salt and Pepper Shaker (Fred & Friends): These salt and pepper shakers will give any dish a pinch of magic. And who doesn't need that after a long day at work?

Any fun kitchen tools out there that you love to use? Tell us in the comments!