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If you’re anything like me, you’re amazed that it’s September already. Wasn’t it June, like, two days ago? Oh well.

September is both National Chicken Month and National Honey Month, and it's safe to say we’re pretty big fans of both of those over here at Cooking Light. But put them together, and you get sweet, sweet culinary magic our taste buds just can't resist.

In honor of this delicious combination, here are 5 of our favorite honey chicken recipes. You can thank us later.

This recipe is perfect for a relaxing weekend dinner. The sauce shines brightest when you use a beer that’s full of flavor.

Takeout’s got nothing on this dish. And it’s another excuse to whip out that bottle of Sriracha you love so much.

This dinner is a real kick in the taste buds, thanks to the perfect balance of sweet and spicy in the honey glaze.

This dish provides just the right amount of tang, plus a healthy serving of hearty, dark green veggies. Serve over rice or lo mein noodles for a complete meal.

Keep summer hanging around just a little bit longer with these fruity-sweet kebabs. If mango's not your favorite, just sub in the tropical fruit of your choice.

Which is your pick? Do you have another favorite way to combine honey and chicken?