Grounds & Hounds launched a specialty coffee company last March with a mission to support no-kill dog shelters all across the nation. Twenty percent of all proceeds generated from the Fair Trade roaster is put toward these shelters, and it doesn't hurt that their coffee is smooth, rich, and fun to look at.

Paper & Slippers is a favorite—even among non-coffee drinkers. Easy to drink and mild, this blend has us tasting dark chocolaty notes with no bitterness on the finish.

The Alpha Blend will wake you up with its flavors, if the caffeine doesn't do it alone. The brew is boldly smoky with a real roasted flavor and subtle hints of sweet vanilla.

Morning Walk was a favorite among coffee lovers. Smooth and deep, the liquid energy is robust but balanced in richness and bitterness.

The Single-Origin blend rounded out the pack with warmth and full-bodied smoothness. We found all of Grounds & Hounds blends to be easy to drink (and to share!). Low acidity, full flavor. Pour me another cup!


Available from $8.75/pound here.