If you are like me, you don't let a little thing like a date (Sept 22 - the last day of Summer) get in the way of continuing to enjoy the more summery things in life. While everyone else is busy buying up bulky sweaters and riding boots, I am milking every last minute of short sleeves and sandals time.

I approach ice pops the same way. I almost start to crave that refreshing treat more than ever as summer wanes. Pureed fruit (and veggies like cucumber) along with fresh juices start to call out to me. So when I see the last of something offered at the market, I look for fun ways to preserve them in a ice pop.

Like a squirrel, gathering up for the winter, I also go hunting for the summer's best molds (often now on sale) and use them to freeze up some sweet remembrances of summer's fun that will last me well into the fall.

Here are a few to try:

Remember those long ice pops in a pouch that you squeeze up from the bottom? A trip down your childhood lane for sure. But pureeing your own fruit and taking control of how much, and what kind of sweetener you use give these old school pops a healthy uptick.

If you need pops in a hurry, keep an instant ice pop maker into the freezer. In less than 15 minutes, you can have frozen treats.

Got something important to say? Add on this with your quick pop maker and you can get your point across on a pop!

Move over Diamonds, meet a girls new best friend: Bling Pops!

And don't forget a classic rocket pop.   Gotta have those!

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