Chocolate ice creams that really scoop the competition

Nutrition note: We tested both full- and lower-fat chocolate ice creams with no more than 4.5g sat fat and 140 calories per half cup. But to please our deep, dark chocolate cravings, we prefer full-fat versions, in moderate amounts.

WINNER: Edy's/Dreyer's Chocolate Rich & Creamy Grand Ice Cream, $3.99 (1.5 quarts), 140 calories, 4g sat fat
Some brands were little more than supersugary, chocolate-colored vanilla ice creams--which made this deeply intense chocolate flavor really shine. A fudgy, almost chewy consistency gives way to a velvety creaminess. Edy's is known as Dreyer's west of the Rockies and in Texas.

RUNNER-UP: Breyers Original Chocolate, $3.89 (1.5 quarts), 140 calories, 4.5g sat fat
A deep, almost bitter-sweet chocolate flavor with the tiniest hint of cinnamon warmth. The texture is airy and fluffy with an ultracreamy mouthfeel reminiscent of an old-fashioned creamery style.

HOW WE TESTED: A panel of Cooking Light staff sampled 15 nationally available chocolate ice creams in two blind tastings.