Great French onion soup promises lush texture and exquisite flavor balance. Our souped-up version gets huge flavor from a culinary ally: Britain's umami bomb.
Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

Ingredients That Matter:

Yellow Onion
These grow nicely sweet when caramelized, without becoming cloying the way that sweet onions can.

Dry Vermouth
Some recipes use sherry or wine. Dry vermouth, brewed with herbs and botanicals, is like multiple ingredients in one—it adds complexity.

Beef and Chicken Stock
Purists use only beef stock. But the store-bought stuff can taste bitter in large doses. Mellow chicken stock takes the edge off.

This British yeast paste is like an umami explosion, with more meaty flavor per portion than fish sauce, soy sauce, or miso.

Whole-Grain Baguette
Of course whole grains are good for you, but the real benefit here is the nutty, hearty flavor they bring to the mix.

Raclette Cheese
This tastes like the Gruyère that most recipes call for, but it's more melty, so your toasts become bubbly in a flash.

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This is like The Six Million Dollar Soup—better, stronger, faster than any other version you’ve had. Once the onions caramelize, the broth only needs to simmer briefly to dissolve the Marmite. Look for jars of Marmite with other British ingredients on the international foods aisle. We’ve also streamlined the cheese-topped bread element: Broiling the bread and cheese on its own takes less time than toasting it as it floats in individual crocks, with the added benefit of keeping the crouton crispy longer.