Summon the start of warmer weather with this plant-based dessert.
Credit: Jeni's

Frosé (frozen rosé) is the Olympian of the refreshment game, marking the kickoff of backyard BBQ’s, poolside soirees, and hammock lounging. This spring, however, there’s a new player in the game: A rosé-plus-booze combo that will help you beat the heat with sweet-tart flavor and a downright dreamy texture. Enter: Jeni’s Frosé Sorbet.

Jeni’s line of artisanal desserts is known for their locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, straightforward ingredient lists, and  funky flavors—think Brambleberry Crisp Ice Cream, Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet, and Supermoon Ice Cream.

Frosé Sorbet is one of five new sweet treats in Jeni’s new spring collection. We gravitated towards the only sorbet among a cast of ice creams for a few reasons. For starters, the first ingredient on the list is pear, which shines through as the reigning fruit flavor, closely followed by strawberries. We also love that the striking pastel pink color stems from a matrix of beetroot, apple, and whole pumpkin extract. The rosé presents a sweet-tart combination that adds tangy undertones and a crisp, refreshing finish. Beyond the desirably fruity flavor, our tasters also commented on how luxurious the texture was, comparing it to that of ice cream.

One serving of Jeni’s Frosé Sorbet will set you back 160 calories and 29g of added sugar. We admit the sugar is on the high end, but for 0g sat fat, it can certainly be a healthier alternative to most ice creams on the market. Plus, it’s made from plant-based ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Frosé Sorbet is now available at any of Jeni's scoop shops, in select grocers, or delivered straight to your door for $12 per pint.

Other remarks from our tasters:

“The ultimate summer refresher! Creamy, decadent texture similar to ice cream.”

“Seems rich for sorbet—yum!”

“Super refreshing and fruit-forward. I could easily eat this whole pint.”

“The only thing that could make this better is more rosé poured overtop.”

We couldn't agree more. Want to try it? Use Jeni's locator tool to find where you can pick up your next pint.