I never knew baby carrots could taste so delicious.

Here’s the thing—packaged hummus isn’t anything new. Honestly, it hasn't been something I ever craved. The texture never seems quite right to me. It tastes like cold bean dip that was left out too long. If I’m going to eat hummus, it’s gotta be homemade.

New Year. New Food. Healthy eating starts here, with the Cooking Light Diet.

So when Hope Foods sent me three of their hummus varieties (original, black garlic, and Thai coconut curry), I was skeptical. But after looking at the nutrition label (only 40 calories a serving?), I decided to give it a try.

I dipped a pita chip in, took a bite, and was forever changed. The texture and flavor was incredibly good. This was different from any packaged hummus I’d ever tried.

Hope's original flavor is lemony and refreshing, but not overpowering—it’s the ideal blank canvas for almost anything. I love using raw endive as a vessel because it adds a welcome bitterness to the bright, lemony dip.

The Thai coconut curry flavor is slightly reminiscent of massaman curry—it’s warm and coconutty with just enough heat. I like it with English cucumbers, bell peppers, or pita chips.

The black garlic is intense. When I first opened it, the smell was enough to scare off any vampire in a 10-mile vicinity—so naturally, this one became my favorite. It’s fragrant, pungent, and slightly spicy. It would be delicious with any type of veggies, but I also use it as a mayo replacement on sandwiches.

I wanted to see how others felt, so I brought all three out for the editors in our office to try. A crowd soon formed, lingering by the table, dipping and dunking until every last little blob had disappeared.

So I knew this was a thing. I brought some to a party on a tray with fresh veggies—and it disappeared. I packed it in my lunch with cucumber slices, celery, and baby carrots, and happily crunched through lunch. It's official. I am addicted. I have become a Hope hummus proselytizer.

If you’re taking baby steps toward being more plant-based, I can't recommend Hope hummus enough to incorporate more veggies into your diet. It’s a delicious and low-cal snack, and the fun flavors almost make me forget I’m not binging on garlicky chips, or eating a bowl of creamy curry.