Our picks for the best whole-wheat crackers don’t skimp on taste.
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor

Whether snatched for a quick snack, used to pacify a testy toddler, or spread on a platter to accompany a party-worthy dip; crackers are a pantry staple. Versatility is an admirable trait in these crunchy confections but, it must be known that not all crackers are created equal. Keep an eye on Nutrition Panel must-haves: sodium less than 250g per serving and “whole-wheat flour” as the first ingredient—as apposed to non-whole grain wheat flour or enriched flour. Also, maintain a cautious approach to partially hydrogenated oil because anything less than 0.5g trans fat won’t be listed. Fortunately for your taste buds, nutrition wasn’t the only factor in the forefront of our best whole-wheat cracker expedition. These brands also brought the goods when it came to taste. 

BEST BASIC CRACKER: Kellogg's Special K Multi-Grain Crackers, $2.84 (8 ounces)
Their petite size makes them ideal for dipping. And the sweet/salty flavor satisfies either kind of craving (24 crackers: 120 calories; 3g fat; 250mg sodium; 3g fiber).

BEST WOVEN WHEAT: Back To Nature Harvest Whole Wheats, $3 (8.5 ounces)
Crisp and crunchy, with just the right amount of salt and a slightly nutty taste (6 crackers: 120 calories; 4.5g fat; 180mg sodium; 3g fiber).

BEST WHEAT FLATBREAD: Ak-Mak 100% Whole Wheat Stone Ground Sesame Crackers, $3.69 (4.15 ounces)
Surprisingly light and tender (many weren't), with a dusting of sesame seeds that gave a toasty flavor (5 crackers: 115 calories; 2g fat; 220mg sodium; 4g fiber).