Add coconut water to your cooking arsenal with these favorite brands.
Credit: Victor Protasio

As with wine, cook with coconut water that you like to drink! The brands vary in flavor, depending on where the coconuts came from. Some are bright and sweet; others are delicate and mild. Brands that source from Southeast Asia tend to have cleaner, brighter flavor.

To gauge how the water might impact your dishes, check the sugar; it typically ranges from 8g to 14g per 8 ounces. Here are cookbook author and culinary instructor Andrea Nguyen's top three choices:

Harmless Harvest

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Pricey, but the clean, fresh flavor is worth it. It comes from Thai coconuts, which are supposedly the best in flavor, and undergoes a multi-step microfiltration process to preserve flavor and inhibit bacteria.

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Taste Nirvana

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Really good, mild flavor. It’s available in glass bottles and cans; I like bottled better. The version with pulp adds extra coconut flavor and textural interest. This brand has the least amount of sugar of the three.  

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

A good value with great flavor, despite the fact that the coconuts come from all over the globe—not just Southeast Asia. It’s slightly sweeter than the others, but still refreshing.